Anchor the Light

Our Philosophy

The church’s philosophy is based in Panentheism: the idea that the Divine is both imminent and transcendent. This view holds there is no gulf between the Divine and humankind. The Divine is present here in us, in nature around us, but also is extended beyond and transcends this plane, whom some call Midgard, Earth, or the 3rd Dimension.

We advocate for and facilitate holistic means of enlivening and empowering our connection to this Divine Force.

This includes:

1) Education on methods for altering or attuning / one’s consciousness to facilitate connection to the Divine

2) Advocating for and providing education on holistic means of emotional/mental, physical, and spiritual healing.

3) Providing assistance with supporting integrating said methods into our members lives in a meaningful, empowering and sustainable way through Wellness Retreats, social/spiritual gatherings, and supportive services.

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Anchor the Light – Wellness Retreats

Anchor the Light offers monthly holistic Wellness Retreats designed to offer rejuvenation and enlivenment of the whole being.

Over the course of three-four days, participants are offered a variety of rejuvenating and healing modalities including a potential combination of Qi Gong, mindfulness meditation, acupuncture, sound bathing, biofeedback, IV therapy, Reiki, energy healing & protection techniques, forest bathing, plant medicines, life enhancement skill building, fully organic meals, visionary art, & integration. Find out more by clicking here.



Wellness Retreats

Holistic Welness Retreats including a potential combination of mindfulness based stress reduction, massage, Reiki, nutrition, energy healing & protection, plant medicine, sound healing, organic meals & nutrition, forest bathing, IV therapy, acupunture, and biofeedback.

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Individual Life Coaching

Life Coaching services to enhance quality of life; interrupt old ineffective patterns; establish new patterns of health including thoughts, actions, and beliefs. Mindfulness techniques are taught including: meditation, mindfulness-based emotional regulation strategies, & relationship repair and enhancement strategies – all informed by neuroscience research that indicates positive changes to the brain and body.

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Relationship & Couples Coaching

Couples may seek coaching to improve their relationship, communication, attachment patterns, intimacy, resolve conflict, and more.

Couples are guided through a unique model, in which they both have input, to assist in bringing clarity to needs, boundaries, love, and nourishment of all kinds.

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Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Guided Meditation

Mindfulness Meditation has been shown to stimulate the new neural pathway growth (neuralplacticity), reduce stress, anxiety, and make other healthy changes to the brain – including reduction in size to the amygdala – which plays a role in the fear response and hypervigilance. Meditations are guided, along with a live-played Tibetan singing bowl.

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Personal & Home Clearings

We are able to see only a fraction of the light spectrum. Unseen entities effect many individuals and relationships without the person’s knowledge, and often attach due to trauma, childhood experiences, negative beliefs, and agreements made in past lives or “unconsciously” in one’s current life.

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Reiki/Energy Healing

Reiki has been clinically indicated in repeated research to assist in a number of issues. Reiki is often sought for injuries, emotional issues, and spiritual issues.

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Equine-Assisted Coaching

Horses can be incredible companions in healing, allowing clients to build confidence, experience their own personal power, and safely explore boundaries. Horses are emotionally attuned to humans, recognize our energy, assist in the healing process, and may create insight into our issues by being mindful in their presence.

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Rune Readings

The Runes can be a powerful medium to shed light and bring clarity and guidance to current and past circumstances. Similar to Tarot, but more direct and powerful.

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Ubbe MacLean

Ubbe MacLean is a practitioner of Asatru, clinically trained psychotherapist, educator, life enhancement coach, reiki master and author of the guidebook “Healing From the Tree: Using Runes for Emotional, Physical & Soul Healing” with renowned authors Freya Aswynn & Brigette Mars.

One of his goals is reinvigorating the spiritual and shamanistic traditions of the Northern Ancestors to their descendants in the West, and create an understanding that we all have the ability to anchor the Divine Light of the higher realms, both individually and as a community in ritual and conscious celebration.

Ubbe, a student of the Runes under Freya Aswynn for 2 years, is the great grandson of Ubbe Ragnarson (see the book “1000 Years of Hubbard History” ) and his family proudly flies the “Black Raven Banner” of Ragnar Lothbrok at various homes across three states in the US.

See Ubbe’s familty book “1000 Years of Hubbard History” published 1895.

With 15 years of education and training in Somatic, Cognitive based, Equine-Assisted and Transpersonal modalities of psychotherapy as well as Spiritual Energy Healing, Reiki, and The Runes, he specializes in Life Enhancement Coaching, Relationship & Couples Coaching, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction guided meditations, Spiritual Issues, Energy Work/Reiki, Personal & Home Clearings, and the Runes for Healing and Divination. Anchor the Light was initially created 9 years after clinical psychology and counseling trainings were completed and over 20,000 hours in the field of behavioral health were accrued.

Ubbe grew up in North Carolina and then spent time in Atlanta, Georgia, beginning his education in Psychology before moving to Boulder, Co to continue his education and clinical training where he specialized in Attachment, Relationship, Trauma and Complex Trauma, Addictions, Mindfulness, Equine Therapy, and Fitness. He received additional training in Energy Healing & Clearings for 2 years from Rev. Sanyasi Suzanne Winterton, a Reiki Master Certification, and the Runes of the Elder Futhark after 2 years learning directly from Freya Aswynn. He has been a fitness and nutrition enthusiast for most of his life, and has had a long-term meditation practice and spiritual curiosity.

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Ubbe’s education

Student of Rune Master and Priestess of Wodan: Freya Aswynn: 2019-present

Student of Spiritual Adept – Rev. Suzanne Winterton: 2015-2018

Reiki Level 3 Practitioner: A Healing Place, LLC – 2017

ACE Personal Trainer – 2015

Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Level 2: Emotional Processing, Meaning Making, and Attachment Repair – 2012

Gestalt Equine Psychotherapy Institute of the Rockies: Certification – 2011

Naropa University – Clinical MA in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology — 2011

Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Level 1: Affect Dysregulation, Survival Defenses, and Traumatic Memory – 2010

Georgia State University: Bachelor of Science in Psychology — 2005