Anchor the Light Church

Our Philosophy:

The church’s philosophy is based in Panentheism: the idea that the Divine is both imminent and transcendent. This view holds there is no gulf between the Divine and humankind. The Divine is present here in us, in nature around us, but also is extended beyond and transcends this plane, whom some call Midgard, Earth, or the 3rd Dimension.

We advocate for and facilitate holistic means of enlivening and empowering our connection to this Divine Force. This includes:

  1. Education on methods for altering or aligning one’s consciousness to facilitate connection to the Divine.
  2. Advocating for and providing education on holistic means of emotional/mental, physical, and spiritual healing.
  3. Providing assistance with supporting integration of said methods into our members lives in a meaningful, empowering and sustainable way through Wellness Retreats, social/spiritual gatherings, and supportive services.

Our Founders:

Founding Board Members: