Healing From the Tree: Using Runes & Herbs for Emotional, Physical, & Soul Healing

Healing from the Tree is a manual stemming from Ubbe’s lessons with his teachers, Freya aswynn and Suzanne Winterton. Ubbe came to the lessons with Freya with specific curiosity on how to incorporate the runes more into energy healing and Reiki. He had runes appear to him in his mind’s eye as he advanced in his energy work with Rev. Suzanne Winterton and then Reiki training, in years prior.

Ubbe had already begun to incorporate runes in his work, and Freya and he together furthered the framework that their collective experiences gave rise to. Healing from the Tree comes from these experiences, and the notes and video recordings distilled from many hours of meetings with Freya aswynn between 2019-2022.

Brigitte Mars, world-renown herbalist, contributed information related to the magickal lore and healing use of herbs, corresponding an herb to each of the 24 runes of the elder futhark, after she made Ubbe a northern-style meal, sparking conversation about runes, magick and herbs. Freya and Brigitte met a few days later, and together became the founding board of a church, Anchor the Light, created to remind others that access to divinity lies in their own hands.